Oh! Asaase Yaa
The Great mother earth
Your beauty surpasses all beauty
You’re the only one who seeks to the visualisation of the undenying needs of your children.

By your deeds your children have forgotten your name by Odomankoma, oh, Great Asaase Yaa and in turns keep calling you ‘earth’.
Is it an infusion of Europeanism that has culminated to this end?
But I know when your name is mentioned it breeds a genuine symbolistic appeal of the tenacity of our traditionalism.

Oh! The Great Asaase Yaa
You that eradicate hunger
Oh! Great Asaase Yaa
You that produces the fuel of life.

Why have you suddenly changed?
Why this sudden solemness of silence?
Is it that you no longer care? Or Is it that your children have wronged you? Or perphaps is it as a result of the horrorendous distortion by your children?
Why this long muteness?
Your intellectual display is no longer seen
Your beauty has fade away like the life of a pauper.

What happened?
Can you please whisper to us
I guess we should bow our heads to the grace eminence of your presence.
Hear the cry of your children
We pray for your kindness
Open your mammoth eyes to the plights of your wards, for we’re dying
No!! I mean we are extincting.



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